StupidGenius the Mixtape

Boston based hip hop group StupidGenius dropped its first collaborative mixtape. Lil Rich and Chaz King invite you into their world with 13 tracks that are glimpses into the lives of two up and coming hip-hop artists and music producers. Long nights in the studio, girl problems, days on the road, nightmares of the bottom and dreams of the top are all subjects that any young person grinding towards a dream can relate to. The mixtape takes each one of these experiences and realities and delivers well mastered tracks with smooth transitions, catchy hooks , clever rhyme schemes and hard hitting punch lines. "Smart kids, who come from real struggle, they get the streets but see the outs. StupidGenius music is for everyone whose smart enough to change their situation but real enough to stay down and change things for those around them." - Chris Blaise, Manager and Marketing Director. These young and talented artists are not a fly by night operation but rather a group dedicated to delivering music that connects and inspires. Tracks like:Never Be the Same, Chosen, Matching Benzes and Prime are perfect examples. 
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Twitter: @StupidGee , @lilrichislahge , @RealChazKing


YouTube: StupidGee TV